Sunday, 21 July 2013

I really hate this heat

I've been forced to stay downstairs because since I insulated the loft, it traps the heat and just gets like an oven. There is no breeze so it's hot, dusty and oppressive everywhere. I just went to buy milk and the COOP is full of people who have been in the sun all day and are badly burnt, but desperate to continue the weekend by stocking up on barbecue meat and cheap beers. Their tempers frayed by all day drinking and the pain from skin lesions. I've taken some (probably not very good) advice and made Cajun chicken for dinner. I'll probably regret it.

I did try reading, but I couldn't concentrate - I'm probably going to go to the studio tomorrow (I didn't intend to) because it's much cooler there. I had wanted to avoid going back in for a day or so - everything I need to do is  a bit grim and I was putting it off. It's going to be over 30 degrees and the forecast has already pulled away from predictions of rain this week.

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