Sunday, 16 June 2013


It's like November. Cold, drizzle, wind. Yesterday was much the same. It's nearly July and we have had only one day when I could have reasonably worn a T shirt.

Was delighted by the Vulcan over Hastings yesterday - despite the gale force winds. I watched from the Castle, along with a few thousand other people - surprised nobody was blown into the sea - I would have preferred to be wearing a coat.

Very good article in the Daily Mail by Liz Jones ( I KNOW!!!) - it's actually quite sad, and comes hot on the heels of last weeks piece which made me suspect she is bi-polar. The comments are the usual self loathing garbage from people who hate Luz because she reflects them and their own lives. I find her either annoying or disconcertingly accurate. He article about how much she hates Clare Balding was genius. This one is quite moving.

There is something very odd about the Sattchi/Lawson piece in today's papers that just does not ring true. What's most curious is the LACK of comment from the legion of rent-a-gob journalists that they both know - you would imagine them being all over this one, and why did it break in The People? A nothing of a paper - when The Sun and The Mail would have paid far more and served it with much more relish? If you read the article carefully - it suggests that during the 'attack' she was calm, conciliatory and affectionate - like you would be with a small child, only getting upset later when she was away from him. In my experience ( and I chose those words with a fairly heavy heart) - when people in their 70's start to get childish, aggressive, moody and lash out at the people closest to them, have mood swings and personality changes - and their friends and family close ranks and stop talking, there is usually a very different reason, I can't stand Nigella Lawson, nor her husband - but she's already seen one husband suffer an incurable illness - I wouldn't wish it on anyone twice.

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