Saturday, 29 June 2013

Saturday PM

I spent the day at home, culling. I now have 2 large sacks of clothes that don't quite fit but still cost me a great deal of money. I still have this vague little voice in my head that tells me I will 'grow into' something just because it looks nice and I'm too self conscious to try something on ( actually - I did try to use the changing rooms in TK MAXX last year but a middle aged woman thought I was someone else and tried to get into the cubicle with me - 25 years of confidence building exercises down the drain.? I've even decided to lose a couple of very expensive coats and suits that have been hanging around for years, slowly losing their shape on the 'wrong' hangers. The Salvation Army are in for a treat on Monday.

Listened to a play about Mary Queen of Scots on the radio earlier - actually - quite good, and a quick check on Wikipedia revealed almost complete factual accuracy. There is something on Radio 3 tomorrow about Benjamin Britten and the writing of Gloriana that also promises to be good. Watched a bit of Glastonbury earlier - it was a bit self important and bloated - but the Arctic Monkeys and Portishead were very good.

I've managed to inspire a lot of abuse on the Guardian Website, hell hath no fury like a liberal scorned. It was an article about Alec Baldwin and his 'homophobic' abuse of a Daily Mail journalist who had accused ( erroneously) that his heavily pregnant wife had been 'tweeting' during James Gandolfini's funeral - calling him a 'taxic little queen' - (if you have a long memory, you might remember that I once referred to Daily mail show business journalists as 'bitter, screaming queens' myself.) I commented that I'd never understood why people took actors so seriously - they spend all their time scripted, being other people - why should what they say in 'real life' be that interesting. It seems that there might be a lot of very angry, not very busy actors out there - or Alec Baldwin fans, or possibly - it was Alec Baldwin himself. Anyway, I had a good laugh.

It's actually been a nice day, typical for this time of the year. I have, of course - made a point of staying indoors. I did a lot of cleaning, or moving dust about - and I matched up a lot of socks.

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