Sunday, 30 June 2013

Le Sunday

Spent the day in the garden. It was a freakishly hot day - almost like summer (he scoffs). I catch the sun very easily - but actually - my palor right now has more to do with a thin but persistent layer of dirt. I used up all the old decking and built a wood store - then chopped up all the wood I had left over for next winter - supposedly to fuel the wood burner I cannot afford to install. I actually did quite a good job, it looks OK - and most of the garden is now clear - just a few bags of crap to get rid of, mostly tins of paint left over by the previous owners and dumped in the loft space.

Took me most of the day - but pleased with what I've achieved - some satisfaction in not fucking up - and the garden looks almost like a nice place to be.

My outburst on facebook about not tolerating bullshit, capital punishment and racism has paid dividends, with several people de-friending me. I'm too old to make excuses for other people any more.

As it's a 'meat' weekend - I made lamb casserole, actually - pretty good.

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