Thursday, 30 May 2013

Thursday PM

An old friend is considering renting a house in the old town - I went to see it with them today. It's the one house I have always wanted to live in - and was even nicer on the inside than the outside - I'm green with envy. On the top floor it has round windows, they have sea views - and there is a seagull nest outside one - the mother was on the nest - there were two chicks, probably a day old.

I've mentioned that there is a drunk woman who lives on my road, it's a 3 bedroom house and in very poor condition - I wasn't sure if she owned it - she does not work and spends almost all of her time drinking. She has a partner - a builders mate who also drinks but manages it better. I thought something was up, today it was confirmed, they have moved out - the house is being cleared - it's full of crap. It occurred to me that she must be a victim of the bedroom tax. She's been stable enough for all the time I've lived here - I expect she's in a one bedroom flat or bedsit, down in the town, in the crap, cheap part of Hastings where the drunks and junkies live - and where she's probably going to go downhill very quickly.

Still can't decide if I should take tomorrow off.

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