Sunday, 21 April 2013

Sunday Night

It was warm and sunny all day. I did the cleaning.

I made Chicken Jalfrezi - it was nice, I could actually taste it.

I seem to have an increasing hoard of odd socks, now up to 11 - I am quite sure that if I throw them away - their missing partners will miraculously appear to mock and taunt me.

Fascinating bit of twitter trivia. Richard Dawkins - who is a walking paradox - a man who simultaneously manages to be very clever and very, very stupid at the same time - wrote something staggeringly crass about a New Statesman journalist - essentially saying that he wasn't a real journalist because of his *insert mockery here* beliefs. This gets re-tweeted with a condemnation by Owen Jones (who I quite like but is in danger of becoming too successful - which is the best possible way to get people to hate you ), which is fair enough - but then the floodgates open - an assortment of nobody's who have been hovering about in the shadows - waiting for their opportunity to spring forth and pounce on any perceived injustice - in this case, Owen Jones - who despite being an atheist himself,  was called out for mocking another atheist - because that's 'almost like racist' - but there isn't an 'ist' for it. I don't understand people like that. I know someone who - despite being a really lovely bloke and very good company - cannot help himself but pounce on anything that offends his feminist stance - having felt the full force of his moral outrage once too often - I no longer speak to him, he's become totally humourless and lacks self knowledge to the point that even the people he imagines to be defending are mocking him. Like the paranoid Macarthy-ists - he sees misogyny in everything, like half of twitter who lie in wait, desperate for the opportunity to scream and point the finger at every imagined slight. Sheesh... I'm sure we were all a lot happier before computers, less well informed, but happier.

I watched Dr Who - it actually wasn't bad, clearly based on The Haunting (which I watched again the other night) - except for the very last bit - it's gone a bit soft and warm and fuzzy over the last couple of years - I like monsters and unhappy endings.

A close friend has had a very difficult weekend - a family member who she has supported through many years of mental illness has taken his own life. Very sobering.

Another early night for me - still coughing but not feeling too bad. Busy week due, including some travelling. Best reserve my strength.

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