Wednesday, 27 March 2013


Early dog walk - kept telling myself I could feel the first warm glow of spring - but probably kidding myself. Still very cold.

Went back to the studio yesterday, managed to get quite a bit done - may possibly have picked up some new work in America - had to send some pitch material off last night - which is a relief - I was starting to get paranoid about not getting new work in. It's the end of my financial year this weekend - just managed to get all my invoices out yesterday - but I'm not expecting to get paid any time soon - which makes my prospects for getting through next month in one piece - rather say the least - may be having a difficult conversation with the bank tomorrow.

Hoping to get some house stuff done over the long weekend - some paperwork, archiving and generally catching up on things I've not addressed properly for..... months. I also need to go through about 300 bookmarked web pages later and archive them.

Pigeon fanciers on the radio - not just a rare breed... but a strange and deluded one...

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