Sunday, 10 February 2013

Sunday Morning

It's hardly dog-walking weather, is it?

Spent a big chunk of yesterday, doing what I do best - ill advised home improvements tat significantly de-value my property. In this case - removing a wall upstairs that was blocking off all the light to the stairs - to be replaced, eventually, with a set of banisters. Hopefully. Glad I did it - just hope I don't fall down the stairs.

Went to bed at 8pm last night. Rock and roll.

Quite a bit to do today, bits of electrical fixing-up - some washing and cleaning etc. I have a bedside lamp somewhere that needs a new plug - I'm going to celebrate getting glasses by reading in bed again.

I might be working in-house for part of next week - waiting to find out. I also have another piece of work that is staggeringly difficult and requires me to work with other people, not looking forward to that one. There is a lot going on in Hastings this weekend, but I'm ignoring it - every year they have a Fat Tuesday Mardi-Gras with a long weekend of music and parades etc. The weather is always shit - but people seem to enjoy themselves. Hastings is like that - party at the drop of a hat - I'm surprised we don't celebrate saint's days.

Small dog is not happy about the rain and seems to think I can make it go away.

There was a chap from the Danish government on the radio - in charge of equality and religion, talking about there approach to gay marriage ( the Danes are fine with all that sort of thing ) - it was disturbing to hear someone so sensible on the radio before breakfast, I think people must look at this country in horror and wonder where it all went wrong.

The horse meat scandal is in parts funny and absurd - if you really think you can buy decent food for pennies, you are insane, anything 'processed' is obviously intrinsically evil and there is no such thing as 'cheap' meat. My mother used to go to the butchers and actually look at the meat properly before she bought it - asking the butcher actual questions. When processed meat came into the supermarkets when I was a kid, mostly things like 'boil in the bag cod' - it was CLEARLY crap, the stunned silence around the dinner table as we picked our way through a waxy block of boiled death still ringing in my ears. Even with the economies of scale - meat is a luxury item, and should be treated as such. How can you possibly expect a farmer to breed, care for, feed, treat and act as custodian of an animal for the best part of a year - and then find any economy is selling in for tuppence. You get what you pay for. If you don't want to eat crap - don't buy it in the first place.

I took these numbers from the BBC website - it's the Kumbh Nela in India today, on and around the banks of the Ganges - clearly an astonishing spectacle - but I wouldn't want to be there.
  • Number expected to bathe: 100 million
  • Number of days: 55
  • Area: 20 sq km (4,932 acres)
  • Drinking water: 80 million litres
  • Toilets: 35,000
  • Doctors: 243
  • Police: 30,000
  • Number united at lost-and-found centre since 14 January: 40,000
  • Number treated at 14 hospitals: 152,326

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