Wednesday, 9 January 2013


Rainy, coldish and misty - not great, I'm really struggling with the whole 'get back to work' thing. My face is red raw from the dry skin and I'm very uncomfortable - rubbing is a no-no, it feels like old leather anyway.

Watched 'The Deep Blue Sea' last night, Rattigan play made film by Terrence Davies - and not the one about sharks. Rachel Weis very good, a typical Davies film - very visual - beautiful even, slightly stagy and interlaced with incidental music and human voices. Really enjoyed it. Had excellent reviews and many award nominations at the time but largely ignored by UK - shame, very good piece of work - Anne Mitchell excellent.

Bored to death by the Bowie thing, it's just a nice little ditty of no real consequence - but the world has gone mad - the Guardian asking 'Is 60 the new 40".. well, no - not on this evidence. The video is shite. Watched Morrissey on Letterman last night - new single isn't bad - but could quite easily be te product of a 'random Morrissey track generator algorithm' - with the quality set to 6/7.

Willow Smith - the precocious, spoilt little brat of multi millionaire pop stars and actors, and 'teen sensation singing star - actually she's 12 ( TWELVE !! for Christ's sake!!) - has a new track that samples Radiohead... it appears to be about depression, self harm and image - it also has disturbingly adult overtones. She's 12 - I'll say that again, 12.

In other news.

Put some chick peas to soak yesterday but the steadfastly refused to absorb water. Had to resort to tinned. After a full week without pissing in the house - Little Mouse has returned to her old ways with a vengeance.

Bradley Manning has been awarded 112 to be taken off the back end of any potential sentence he receives - because it is now recognises he was held illegally and tortured - I have a few problems with this, as he is likely to get about 150 years, it's tokenism of the wrong kind - it assumes that the only recompense he will receive is if he is found guilty, and basically - it gives the US Carte-Blanche to do what the fuck they want "torture, oh yes - we can do that - and give you a few days off in return"

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