Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Wednesday already

Cold, no snow, just cold.

Managed to get into a row with a fat, ugly, stupid woman who tied to bully a girl in HMV into taking her £10 gift voucher - she was just chancing her arm, ended up pinting out that 'you lose a tenner - she loses her job, you win - now fuck off '.

Bought The Dresser, Farenheigh 451 and United 93 - which I watched last night and found very good, brilliant filmcraft - but difficult to watch. So, today - don't get me started on airline staff making an issue of wanting to wear religious trinkets.

Worked in the studio yesterday - nice to be back, managed to get loads done. As I've taken the computer stuff back to work now - I'm typing this on  a laptop - which I don't really enjoy.

When I came home last night, the patio doors were open - strongly suspect the dogs have figured out how to unlock them.

Large area of plaster has blown in the bathroom due to another roof leak, really could have done without that.

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