Tuesday, 15 January 2013


Early Morning Rant

Very sad and angry about this, and just just for the 3500 people who are about to be re-classified from 'strivers' to 'shirkers' - or the approx 2000 people in associated trades like the cleaners, contractors and logisticsopps who will also lose their jobs - I'm angry about the mismanagement, short sightedness and sheer ignorance that let this happen. Most of the people responsible will be fine, passing seamlessley from one board position to the next -

"HMV board in crisis talks right now, and did you know HMV is run by Trevor Moore, who recently took over having held the chief executive’s post at Jessops."

- and the administrators will strip the business, and cream anything that's left off as fees. I'm also angry about the number of younger people I speak to who can't really see what they are about to lose, not just the last high street retailer of music and film, with 40% of the hard copy market, but the social, cultural and economic backbone of the high street broken at last by online retailers and greedy management. All we have left are supermarkets who are simple regurgitating the Cowell dictat and independents who will never be able to compete with the big boys of the internet, who will simple strip them bare.

The local COOP has a stack of Michael Macintyre DVD's on the counter, it's slowly been getting smaller for about 3 months. That is the future.

I could go on, but I won't - I'll sound old, bitter, angry and stuck in the past. I think I preferred it there.

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