Friday, 11 January 2013

Jon Finch

I used to see this bloke in the pubs of the old town - never really paid that much attention to him, just another Hastings regular. I had no idea it was Jon Finch, who died over Xmas and was buried yesterday. No real Obits - a note in my local paper - that's all. One of his neighbours told me early in the week.

Here he is with Roman Polanski and Francessca Annis - and here he is in my favourite Hitchcock - a film he was bloody fantastic in.

Below, he's seen as Kane - in Alien, he only shot one scene then became ill with diabetes and had to leave the production, to be replaced by John Hurt.

Here he is in Polanski's Mackbeath - his (not updated yet ) IMDB profile is here.

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