Friday, 11 January 2013

Friday PM

Long day - working slowly and steadily on a Brand Manual that I need to deliver on Monday. Anyone who isn't familiar with the term - its a sort of book that covers the visual presentation of a product, service or brand, as a guide to anyone, in this case it's a chain of shops - who need to use their own logo, fascias, signage, graphics, packaging etc - it covers every eventuality - every possible usage - so if a shop in Sunderland wants a new fascia or some posters or leaflets made - they don't have to ask me - they can consult the manual and deal directly with the builders / printers etc - saves them a fortune - and I hardly want to get involved after my job is finished. It is also there to make sure everything is covered and every possible eventuality considered - and pages of 'what not to do' situations - just in case. That's why, when you go into M&S anywhere in the country - for example, they all look the same - and the local manager hasn't done the window displays in Comic Sans.

Exhausting, picky, detailed, tiring - but quite nice when it's finished. Sometimes it's a slog - when all the creative work is finished - but it needs to be done.

To my surprise, it looks like I have quite a bit of work lined up - don't have to start panicking yet.

Very sad about Jessops - although some context here is worth reading. I'm reliably informed that if you have HMV vouchers.... spend them,soon, preferably tomorrow.

There is a very good response to the Suzanne Moore drama here from Stella Duffy on her excellent blog, but my ABSOLUTE favourite read of the week is here from The New York Times, this is what happens when you cast Lindsay Lohan in a move.

As my psoriasis is now pretty universal and I look like The Abominable Dr Phibes, have cancelled the night out tomorrow and my trip to London on Sunday - when I was in the COOP buying milk the woman at the till gave me a pitiful look, took me in hand and went to a lot of trouble to explain which household products and soaps I should be avoiding - including 'The one I can't remember - it has absolutely nothing in it - but costs much more"

I found this interesting, sad but warm at the same time.

I'm bracing myself for the cold we are all expecting, had very cold feet last night - it can only get worse.

Was offended that CDR Peter Spindler of the Met felt the need to add the media friendly soundbite 'he groomed the nation' to the Savile report. I felt it was a bit.... crass really.

Of course... the REALLY big news today is 'that' picture... the one of the Duchess of whatsit. What can I say... I suppose that in 50 years people will look at it and say 'it's not that bad' - but the REAL Duchess will still look better at 80. It really is a shocker, that poor girl, seeing it for the first time - must have been like a knife to her heart. Looking into the mirror and seeing an old, drunk, 40-a-day version of yourself... in an acrylic wig. Frightening. At least it gave the nation a tonic. ( the artist is actually very talented... must have been nerves, they often say the best portraits are when the artist falls in love with the subject... perhaps he's gay )

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