Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Wednesday PMls

The vets was as expected. Neither dog was particularly pleased to be there - Alfie hates the place and knew instinctively that was where we were headed, making it as difficult for me as possible. I coughed up £75 for a couple of booster injections - the vet asked if I was considering putting them in kennels any time soon - I said possibly, I hadn't thought about it - so I was then put under pressure to have a booster again in 2 weeks. I demurred. It was also noted that Alfie Greyhound has put on 1.5kg in 5 years - and it was suggested I might like a special senior food supplement, again, I demurred. I was also made to feel like a child abuser because Alfie didn't warm to the idea of having a strangers hands in his mouth or anywhere near his arse - perfectly reasonable - I thought. The vets are actually OK there - it's just the cost. There is a sign in reception saying 'Any major medical treatment requires at least half the cost paid up front - or the animal will be taken away given to a charity or rescue'. Really....

On the way home, it snowed - a lot, I shaved my head last night and forgot to take a hat. It was very cold.

Went to work and did boring stuff - I tried to buy some blinds for the bedroom, but as soon as I arrived at the shop I realised I'd forgotten to measure the windows.

I bought a woolly hat in M&S - exactly the same 'Thinsulate' hat was available at Debenhams, for £3 more. I don't like it - but until I find my Paul Smith hat - I'm bereft.

Had an email conversation with someone I was on a course with when I was 17. The wonders of the Internet.
 Someone brought their dog into work, it was a King Charles / Bischon Frise cross. Tiny white thing, it squeaked with delight when I hast it on my lay. It had a tiny little face with giant brown eyes, like a retro greetings card. I frightened me a bit.

This house has suddenly become very, very cold.

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