Sunday, 23 December 2012

Sunday Morning, 5am

Been up since 3am - the sound of rain dripping through the roof, trickling under the doors and through the frame of the patio door woke me up. It's still pissing down - there is still a thick fog and it's horrible.

Yesterday - I bought 12 rubber backed coir doormats from B&Q for £2 each - having realised that each mat exactly fits on a single stair - so rather than paying a couple of hundred for a new stair carpet - I'll compromise' with something cheap in the meantime. Quite pleased with myself - now on the hunt for upholstery nails.

I did reasonably well with money this year - but I'm already planning on doing better. I can be quite focussed when I want to be, and I really do need to think about moving.

I've been through all the papers in the last couple of hours - they are actually quite dull. The Mitchell thing rumbles on. I can't understand why there is so much emphasis on the word 'Pleb' - considering everything else he said.

This made me laugh. I've met Mirriam Stoppard - it was about 15 years ago, she was very friendly with someone I worked for and would visit the office. She had staggeringly low self esteem and real problems with self image, was not overweight but clearly hated the way she looked and was always over dressed in very fitted clothes and a lot of cosmetics. She reminded me a bit of 'full on' Liz Taylor. I also know quite a lot about photoshop. The video is also a bit annoying, if you have problems with rich, benevolent westerners and their acts of charity towards smiling, photogenic children in exotic locations. I'm sure she could find a little girl on a housing estate in the Mumbles to sponsor instead - but that wouldn't really be the same.

The shipping forecast has just been on - it's not good. 'Severe gale 9, occasional gale force 10' repeated several times.

Still not done any xmas shopping. Have a vague idea I may go into town later to pick up the cinema display screen for my laptop so I can watch a few films in comfort, might look in at Morrissons and buy some lunch for Xmas day. I have had 5 different offers of Xmas day lunch - but I'm pretty clear about staying home, it's already become very political - with people competing to get me to accept, not that I'm even that interesting - it's more a case of 'why are you going there - you were invited here!!" I had a cup of tea and a game of Scrabble with a friend yesterday and she agreed that the best thing to do is lie low, I need a rest - I spoke to someone last week who has already had their entire xmas planned out in detail, by his wife, when all he really wants to do is lie down and sleep after a particularly difficult year. I know exactly how he feels. I don't think I have any festive spirit left in me. I'm not even bothering to buy any drink.

Loads of stuff in my garden is growing like crazy - the Photina has grown about 18 inches since October and the Kitchen Bay about half as much - the cherry tree is in full bud and the cordalines all look very pleased with themselves.

"severe gale force 11" - does it get any worse than that?

Just listening to the news, a specific very senior police officer keeps popping up - I'm 100% sure that he's the father of a girl I worked with in a restaurant when I was a student - she was sacked for smoking dope in the toilet during her break. She was a bit of a laugh but really liked her recreational drugs.

There is a sale at B&Q. It's looking very interesting.


Steerforth said...

Well I'm feeling very excited now that it's the 23rd - this time next week, it won't be Christmas any more. Horray! I can't wait.

Richard said...

I just went to the COOP to buy bread, they had obviously overstocked on vegetables ( people around here don't eat them ) so I bought plenty of reduced assorted veg, and a box of Satsumas - down to £1.00, the 14 year old behind the till asked me if I was looking forward to xmas, being early - I couldn't summon the strength to lie and said no. He sighed, "me neither" he said - and then dropped all my satsumas. There is some kind of metaphor in there, somewhere.

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