Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Boxing Day

I actually enjoyed yesterday - quiet, well paced, well fed and dry.

To my surprise, they were digging up the Fairlight Avenue when I took the dogs out - 3 very depressed looking blokes in the driving rain - didn't look like anyone had even offered to make them a cup of tea.

Radio 4 was staggeringly crap yesterday - and is probably going to be the same today.. Highlights from yesterday include watching Tinker Tailor, seeing a succession of tired, stressed looking middle aged men in party hats standing outside their houses having a cigarette and 'getting away from it all'. Hearing at least one family row, and being woken up by the sound of the bloke next door having a marathon piss ( through the wall, not in my bathroom ) as his young daughter banged on the door screaming 'Daddy, Daddy, hurry up"

Sadly - the local Xmas day swim in the sea ended badly with one person ending up in Intensive Care, rather than swim out in gale force winds 9 as they had been advised ) they had a paddle and one girl was swept into the groyne and suffered head injuries. I know the paramedic who was first on the scene - there is a pic of the lifeboat being launched here. Prognosis looks grim - they have not been named but I really hope it's not anyone I know.

Spent part of the day counseling a friend who was unexpectedly dumped on Xmas eve. Not nice.

The lamb I bought for xmas day turned out really well - and the dogs had a meaty bone each - which has done wonders for Alfie's bad breath and or general relationship.

I'm vaguely thinking about going into town to buy some new Pyjamas - not exactly exciting - but I quite fancy a bit of fresh air.

Despite the fact that I'm solvent - there is nothing I specifically need, I'd start working on the house but I think it might upset the neighbours. I seem to find myself in exactly the right mood to start my tax returns.

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