Sunday, 18 September 2011

Sunday Night

I'm in the process or re-watching the whole of 'Tinker Tailor' in anticipation of a trip to the cinema - it's on in the background.

Spent the day doing mostly house stuff, which included absurd amounts of cleaning - and I took down and discarded the blinds in the front room - because I've come to understand that they are dust collectors and very difficult to clean - and the dogs wreck them. In the absence of anything better - after cleaning the windows, I pinned up a white cotton sheet - which looks OK - but is frankly... quite chavvy. I'll be decorating that room shortly - it will have to suffice.

I'm very happy with the extra space in the kitchen, and am thinking about flooring - I suspect I'm going to put down new floorboards and varnish them - it will also be cheaper than a fancy flooring.

The dogs have been very clingy today - probably alarmed that I will clean them away too - Alfie in particular has been spending all day trying to get in between me and the brush or vacuum cleaner.

I didn't attempt to go the the seafood festival - every time I considered it - it started raining. I was in the loft and opened up my crate of clocks, I have about 40 - mostly sunburst type retro clocks but quite a few station varieties - I swapped the big train station clock in the kitchen for a big stainless steel German factory clock -it works on a big battery so I'll get it going tomorrow. There was a distinct ticking noise from the crate - I've not been in there for 4 years... must be some long life batteries in there somewhere.

Busy week ahead, getting geared up for the start of term.... all down hill from here.

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