Saturday, 17 September 2011

The best laid plans...

Today - I had intended getting up early - going to an open studio in St Leonards, a trip to kings stationers, a visit to the seafood festival and a meal out tonight. I did none of that.

The weather was awful - so I decided to stay at home. My usual Saturday Morning cleaning ritual is expanding into OCD territory. The weather has driven millions of insects and spiders into the house and we are in a battle to the death for ownership of the property. I started to clean the kitchen - and in anticipation of the new one coming soon, I got carried away and ripped the old one out. If I hadn't been so busy over the summer I would have done this in June - it took me most of the day and I am starting to think I might prefer my original plan rather than the one I'm getting for free. It needs plumbing, rewiring and tiling along one side - but I think I might be veering towards keeping to plan.  I had the genius idea of modifying an Ikea trolley and bringing the butlers sink back in from the garden, where it had been looking after the strawberies - and it's pretty perfect.  I also need a floor... As the water is off - I was 'forced' to have pizza... no washing up etc. I'm due some extra cash so I'm probably going to forge ahead.

I have work to complete this weekend that will take about half a day but I may do some tonight and get back into the kitchen tomorrow. Being practical really cheers me up. Even Alfie has been quite chipper today and has been hassling me for food every 20 mins.

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