Sunday, 4 September 2011

Sunday Evening

I've had a very 'off' day. The wine last night was very good but I really wish I hadn't drunk so much. The day was punctuated by short dog walks, boil washing of dog blankets and episodes of staring blankly into space. I had planned a chicken dinner, but could only get as far as grilling the chicken - so I'm having it cold, on it's own. It's the same colour as the plate and very anemic looking. I suspect it will find it's way into the dogs.

I'm pretty tired and run down - I honestly thought I'd caught a cold today and I had a difficult episode wrapping some parcels. I may have spent large chunks of my career in packaging design and am an adept model maker - but I cannot wrap parcels, it's like a blind spot. I can't even wrap a DVD - it's a disability. I also tend to over do things, people have complained that they have been unable to open packets I send - or have to risk destruction of the contents to get them out. I watched a documentary one abut Candy ( wife of Aaron, mother of Tori ) Spelling. She has a room in her house specifically for gift wrapping. That's obscene and horrible, proof - if any were needed, that society is doomed.

Spent some time playing with the new camera - it's a very different set-up to the Fuji models I've been using for the last 8 or 9 years - but I'm very pleased with it. I'm going to invest in a decent case for it. I am also going to re-write the manual so that it makes sense in English.

I really need some time off - I'm starting to make mistakes and get ratty with people - can't afford to go back to teaching in 3 weeks in this state, I'll make a mess of things, I'm going to try and get a couple of days this week - tomorrow I'm working in Brighton and then at the Film Quiz at the Electric palace - and I'm in London on Friday. It's only a catch up meeting - but half an hour there is a whole day out of my life once I've traveled up and down.

JC is very up[set about having her bag stolen last night ( I didn't even notice she had one... I don't think men do... ) - but she is being very phillisophical about it and has said that 'worse things can and do happen'. She's made an insurance claim - like myself, the contents and bag were all 'good' things, she does not buy rubbish - If someone stole my wallet I'd probably offer a reward for the thing itself rather than the contents.

The drunk woman at the end of the road shouted something at me again, she's probably trying to be friendly, but it came out as a strangled howl. She's bleached her hair to almost white - it looks wrecked, a stiff wind would shatter it like glass, at least she has stopped wearing neon colours and gone back to black.

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Boil washed the blankets..... I love it! Nan would be proud x Lise

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