Saturday, 3 September 2011


Ah - I love Saturday! Thick sea fog coating the whole town. We had it yesterday too - but it only went half way up the hill - it was still bright sunshine at home. Today it's everywhere and very dense.

There is a retro and vintage market in the Black Market today - it used to be the vegetable market in the Old Town, but now it's a large bar. I'm also going to a private view at a gallery in town, the word had gotten out that they have over ordered the champers - so I'm sure it will be very busy.

I bought my new camera yesterday ( I had a BACS notification that a small project I did was paid, and it was the same amount, dso I took it asa sign to make the investm,ent. I'm going to sell me existing kit for about the same amount.

I went for a Lumix GF2 - comes with  2 lenses. Primarily I wanted something smaller and more compact than the one I have - that I find bulky and inconvenient - and that was physically closer to the manual SLR cameras I'm used to - I did consider the Olympus Pen - but a friend who is a professional photographer uses this one as a day to day camera and really likes it. I found the manual a bit poor - I'll be doing quite a bit of working things out for myself - but I'm happy with my purchase. It has a very satisfying shutter sound and action, quite mechanical. My last one was very quiet and had a 'fake' electronic shutter sound - I hated it.

I'm not going to get any actual work done today so I'm going to concentrate on cleaning the house and a few important jobs. Need to get a couple of small things in town while I'm out - and I'll have to go out at about 5.30 - so it will be a short day. I'm working tomorrow so I can't really drink.

Yesterday - I went into Boots to look at the electric toothbrushes. I don't like them - the last one I had chewed my gums up and made my teeth very sensitive, but the Dentist was quite determined that I bought one - I was staggered at the prices - £200!! Most were about the £70 mark with a few offers, I bought a cheap one reduced to £15 and will make do with that. Years ago I knew a dental nurse who earned extra money by testing dental products, she had a house full of stuff like this - I should have kept the friendship going..

Not much in the papers. The nurse who spent 6 weeks in prison after the insulin spiking scandal has been released without charge - essentially - that means that there is absolutly no evidence against her whatsoever. What concerns me most is the way the papers laid into her. If, and I'd really like to believe this - she is innocent, her life is pretty much ruined. The way the papers - mostly the Daily Mail and the red tops ( because the DM is really only a tabloid - no matter how hard it tried to be something else ) dug into her private life and ripped it to pieces before she had even been charge was pretty disconcerting. So she when out at night - I worked in pubs where nurses drank - they all do - it does not make you a serial killer. i just hope that I'm never associated with anything that gets in the papers.

The DM are also convinced that there is something sinister in the double deaths of a couple in Morocco, despite quite compelling evidence fro their teenage children to the opposite. When in doubt, make it up.

Still a pea souper outside - no long dog walk this morning.


ro said...

My dentist told me the best electric tooth brush for your gums is Sonicare because you dont have to 'scrub'. Basically you just hold it and the brush does all the work. I changed over and my gums and teeth are perfect!!! Yes, they are expensive but considering how obsessed you are it seems a small price to pay.........

Steerforth said...

The list of innocent people who have suffered trial by media is disturbingly long. What about the landlord who was arrested for the murder of Jo Yeates? His private life was pulled apart by the tabloids, with no consideration for the fact that he might be innocent.

As for poor old Colin Stagg, even when he was cleared of all suspicion, the papers maintained a 'no smoke without fire' approach, ruining the man's already crappy life.

The police shouldn't release people's details; but the ultimate villain is a media that pressurises the police to get quick results, prompting highly publicised early arrests.

Grey Area said...

I have always had a morbid fear of being arrested for something I didn't do and regard such cases with horror - I'm sure I've told the story about the time I was arrested ( for about 3 minutes ) for rape - because I was wearing similar clothes to the suspect - I still have nightmares about it.

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