Saturday, 16 September 2017


Having a day at home. The house is clean and I'm watching 'Who Dare's Wins' - my favourite nonsense 80's Lewis Collins film.

Lost my temper yesterday - a rare thing now. On Thursday I made the decision to go back onto a mobile phone contract - I eventually found one with 'Three' that was only £11 pcm for an iPhone 5 over 2 years and the appropriate usage margins for me. I hardly ever use my phone and as a form of extreme economy - came off contract about 2 years ago and never bother topping up - which explains why I never call anybody back - but it's bad for business and my iPhone is on it's last legs. I ordered the phone, made appropriate payments, and because my last one was left on my doorstep by the delivery man - arranged for it to be collected from the Three shop around the phone corner. When I went to collect it - they refused to give it to me because I don't have a driving license (I don't drive) - and despite having loads of other ID, including the card I paid for everything with and being the only person in the UK with my name AND 2 forms of photo ID - she refused to hand it over, told me it would be held in the shop for 8 days and then returned to the warehouse at which point I could contact customer services and make other arrangements. I was a bit angry - and got angrier with customer services, who were useless - so I cancelled the whole thing - which will take 21 days and I shall have to 'request' being reimbursed. What a waste of time.

I managed to achieve the impossible and have transferred my mortgage (it had reached the end of it's fixed term) to a new product, fixed for 5 years and with 15 left on term - at a much lower interest rate - saving me £200 PCM, and best of all - I didn't have to lie about my income - so I didn't have to bump up last years 'profits' like most self employed people and take a hit on tax just to get a mortgage. I'm very much relieved.

I have had assurances from the finance director who I've had 'problems' with that I will get paid for 2 months work that 'they no longer have the budget for' - still waiting for that one to happen - but another client I did a job for in June has literally stopped responding to emails about their invoice - it will be my 4th non-payer in a year, it's getting endemic.

I've been working hard recently wit more reliable clients - when I get some invoices paid I'll need a new washing machine. I could have found the money to buy one or got a credit card, but I decided to wait. I'm going to get a sim-only phone contract as well so I'll need to buy a phone too.

It's suddenly become quite cold - winter is coming. This house gets freezing very quickly. I'm already gritting my teeth.

Mikey's funeral is on Tuesday of next week - I have a deadline on Wednesday so I'll be working tomorrow to make up the time.

Small dog has developed some strange stress related behaviour and has started rubbing against the coir hall carpet and now has bald patches - I  think it's because the other dog is going senile and is so grumpy - she's also increasingly hyper and attention seeking - hard work.

Earlier in the week I went for a coffee with mate and he took an iPhone snap of me on the seafront, granted - he is a film director and cinematographer - but it's probably the only decent picture anyone has ever taken of me. I actually like it. Even though I appear to have stranglers hands.

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