Sunday, 19 February 2017


When I came home from work on Friday night, the fridge had died. I'd only just cleaned it. It was 10 years old and had been quite expensive. Most of my friends expressed sunrise that it had lasted that long. In my house - nothing is allowed to last less than 30 years. I was, and still am, quite pissed off.

Had a long and complicated - but reassuring conversation with a mortgage advisor on Friday as well. Quite a lot to think about there.

I went out 'socialy' last night. Something I seldom do now - it was partly associated to a work thing. I bought myself and my mate Ian who is doing digital work for me a pint - that was a tenner. later when we were joined by friends at a much cheaper place - I bought a round of 4 drinks for fifteen pounds. That's £25quid all together. I could have cried. I can't get that out of my head - I can live for a week on 25 quid if I need to - and bought 25 cans of lager from the supermarket if drink was a necessity.

Last night I managed to get paella rice mixed up with risotto rice. It was actually quite nice.

Shaved my head and beard yesterday, now have about 4 days of looking deathly unwell until something grows back. Also, seem to have put on a little weight (wore a jacket for the first time in ages last night and it was a 'struggle')

Quite a bit of work to do this week - plenty of new stuff booked but not 'here' yet - which is a really worry. It needs to hurry up.

I have to work out how to get rid of the rodent behind the plasterwork without actually killing it. It's started digging holes in the kitchen floor.

Bumped into a neighbour who told me that the old guy across the road has started to go senile and his family are very concerned that he can't live alone any more - he has quite a large house, presumably if he goes into care they will have to sell the house to pay for it. New tenants have moved into in the house directly opposite - they have taken to standing in the window watching me. I'll have to start pulling the blinds. I presume they will get bored eventually.


Anonymous said...

I'm sure you are correct that your fridge has indeed died, but ref your comment about not having heating on at home, I did this one winter (when I could put up with it) and I thought my fridge had died at one point - basically the temp in the room was so low that it no longer triggered the fridge thermostat for it to come on! This was a prob because the freezer then also stopped (the freezer temp being controlled relative to the fridge temp - only fancy fridges having 'dual thermostats, one for the fridge, one for the freezer).

Might be worth waiting for warmer weather before you skip your fridge, by way of a test?

Obv apols if other symptoms mean you can be certain it is indeed dud!


Anne Roy said...

You have not posted for a bit ... hope everything is all right there & that you are just busy ...

Anne in Cambridge (the U.K. one)

Unknown said...

Like Anne, I too would like to hear that you are alright. We worry about you, you know.

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