Thursday, 22 December 2016


Last studio day before xmas. I have had one 'OK' from a client and I still need to go to a meeting at 7pm tonight.

Yesterday we were all supposed to go for a drink after work - but were all so depressed we decided against it. I went home and watched 'Deepwater Horizon' - which actually wasn't that great. The effects were good, but I found it a bit 2 dimensional and dull. Also - very confusing and oddly unengaging. Mark Walberg plays the lead - you can tell he's put on weight for the role, Kate Hudson plays his wife - she's actually very beautiful. At the end of the film, they show a photo of the 'real' people it's based on. The Walberg character is a good match and you can see why he bulked up - the wife in reality is a very warm, friendly looking woman who is probably a size 18 and has short hair - she looks very bright and fashionable - but in no way resembles Kate Hudson - who was nice enough but pointless eye candy.

Later I watched about half of Titanic and took the dogs for a late walk up to the country park. As I turned to come back home - I head two dull thud/boom noises - irritated that it might be fireworks - I looked back and saw two red distress flares over Ecclesbourne Cliff area - difficult to say if they emanated from the shore or out to sea. I came home and called the coastguard via a non emergency number - but they upgraded straight away, and took me seriously - and there had been another report as well, so I didn't sound like a fool. Talking to the operator I got nervous and started stammering - which I haven't done for months. Later that evening I posted on Facebook that if anyone else had seen distress flares - they should call the coastguard. It was then pointed out that they probably assumed I'd been watching Titanic and been drunk and hallucinated (I hadn't) - but I then spent about an hour of anxious hell trying to work out if it was indeed another bit of my banged up head causing trouble.

Work was pretty grim yesterday - I have spent a few days dealing with a really difficult client and losing money - and emailed another to say we had to change the way we worked or I was out of the game with him. I had a pretty full on anxiety attack on the way home, it's been brewing for a while. I really want this year over but next year isn't looking great - still not confirmed if I'm working in Brighton in January.

On a brighter note. I bought another second hand book for £2 that is listed online for £40 - so in the last week for an outlay of £4 I've bought in stock that has an online value of £120/130. - Obviously I need to sell them first, but that's quite good going for me.

I've seen a very good 1950's Sandi style cupboard in a junk shop for £38 that I think is worth far more - but getting it home will be a problem.

Client calling at about noon and I want to finish at about 2pm - then I'm taking all the hard drives home. I'll be back in next week as I need to photograph stuff for ebay and my portfolio - but I really need a few days of locked doors and peace and quiet.

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