Sunday, 11 September 2016

Sunday - 9/11

I’ve had an incredibly busy couple of weeks - working days and often at night in the bar - so apologies for lack of updates.

Event wise, apart from the Fringe festival stuff - some of which was good - some very bad - there was a laser light show on the pier last night that was a bit underwhelming but very popular - despite the rain. We’re about to hit a week of very good weather -probably the end of the summer - so I didn’t really mind. I also worked on a very expensive but equally underwhelming burlesque event that I think was over priced and political a bit rocky.

I have had a lot of work on, mostly small projects, quite complicated and generally badly paid - but that’s life.

Today, 9/11 - I decided to watch ‘Man on Wire’ rather than anything to do with the other events of that day - I never got to see the Twin Towers and I’d rather remember them positively than anything else. It’s also a great film (the documentary - not the new biography).

15 years have passed since 9/11 - like most people - I remember everything in detail from that day. 15 years actually doesn’t seem that long - an awful lot has happened and my life has changed many times since then - I was living in Brighton and commuting regularly to London - since then I’ve lived in Liverpool and now hastings (9 years - the longest I’ve lived anywhere) - and I’ve been to several weddings and several funerals. I have hardly any of the friends I had them - in a lot of ways I’m much happier and I’m far better at my job and more expert than I was then - but work is much harder. The world is a very different place. I think people are different too. I was 35 then - but I didn’t feel it. I certainly don’t feel 50 now - whatever that’s supposed to be like.

I painted my front door and replaced all the door furniture - it looks great, even though the house is falling down. The day after I finished the top coat, a large scratch appeared across the front at head height - I suspect it was the postman’s bag scraping it - I had to touch it up.  fitted a ledge to the top of some panelling in the dining room so I could prop pictures up on it rather than have them wallowing in storage, took less than an hour - I’ve been meaning to do it for a couple of years. It took 10 mins to fit a new front door know that I’ve had in a draw for 2 years assuming it would be much more difficult.

My dairy intake is now down to about half a pint a week, pretty happy about that and feeling well - starting to lose a bit around the middle too.

Apparently - and I have this on very good authority - but no direct evidence - someone I consider to be very, very ‘big’ had bought a house near me. I can’t say who - but lets just say I’m in the Happy House, she’s probably going to cultivate a Hong Kong Garden and I’ll codename her ‘Christine’.

Facebook has been acting up recently - I can’t make head nor tail of it for some reason, I think they are introducing changes etc. It keeps trying to suggest new friends somehow harvested from my past. One of the ‘friends’ keeps suggesting is my X, which is odd - as we have had no contact for a couple of years - and they were adamant they would never join Facebook - but here they are, with a little profile picture. The disconcerting thing is the actual photo - I realised straight away that it was taken outside a theatre before a show by Kate Bush - as a friend who lives local has an identical profile picture taken from exactly the same spot. It just added to my distress and discomfort at seeing the photo. Could have done without that.

I have a heavy workload next week - there were things I wanted to do today but as I had 3 pints of lager last n night - it’s been a complete write off. I have zero tolerance for alcohol now.


Letterslive said...

I hope you've just been busy again...

Unknown said...

Are you alright? Miss hearing from you and hoping nothing is amiss.

Unknown said...

Are you alright? Miss hearing from you and hoping nothing is amiss.

Anne Roy said...

You have yet to post in October & we are wondering how you and your crew there are doing ...

tell us! Anne in Cambridge (the U.K. one)

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