Wednesday, 17 August 2016


It’s hot. Much hotter than I can comfortably accommodate. I came home from work and, for some inexplicable reason - the whole house was fun of flies - coating the windows. Presumably something has died - possibly in a chimney or the roofspace, I can’t find anything - but it was horrible. Many had already died and needed to be swept up. I can’t eat anything tonight as a result and have binned the curry I had made during the day on the slow cooker. Obviously there is nothing in the house that they might be attracted to and I’m really careful with the dogs - I think it must have just been a fluke.

For some reason - I’ve had three clients come back to me this week with glowing feedback - even I’m happy with the work. I’m on a roll. I just wish I could make more money. work wise - this week is going well. One of the projects, I’m doing for free - it’s something I will be involved with and is a very good portfolio piece - I spent about a week mulling it through and stay down and completed all the creative work in about 2 hours. It’s very probably the best thing I have ever done.

Something quite terrible has happened to a friend and neighbour, potentially they may lose one of their children, they are in London with him in Hospital now. Not really anything I can say there. Another friend’s wife is really struggling with acute post natal depression. We should all be grateful for small mercies.

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