Thursday, 25 August 2016


After yesterday’s great news about John and Rachel. It’s back to normal - with the added advantage of being too hot to work.

Went for a walk earlier - the Hospice charity shop now seems to be staffed by patients, it’s stranger ever time I go in there. A girl came in and asked if ‘June had been in’ - woman replied “yes, she was in earlier asking about birth control”.

The mother of someone close to me died suddenly at the worst possible time - it’s been very upsetting. A long and difficult few weeks. Made worse by the deaths of 5 young men in the sea along from my house.

The French Burkini thing is just absurd, and stupid, and racist. I normally really like the French, but they have to try a lot harder. There may be a lot of reasons why a woman chooses to wear a burkini - frankly - it’s either their choice, and nobody should be able to tell them otherwise, or they feel it’s appropriate or pressurised for one reason - and singling them out for more abuse just makes it even worse. Bloody idiots.

We had a gig at the Printworks on Tuesday night, really busy - very successful evening - I was exhausted by the time I got home. It’s interesting that many young people now pay for their drinks with contactless cards - one drink at a time - without actually connecting with the ‘cash’ side - I bet they have a shock at the end of the month when their bank statement arrives. This is how people get into debt.

One of the bouncers told me that he’s just been on holiday to Spain for a week and spent £2000… on ‘fun’.. He said it was OK because it was only a months salary. He’s 19.

Bumped into an old friend who bought a house here 2 years ago and has just sold it for £90k more than they paid for it. That’s more than my entire mortgage. He’s buying up a business that frankly - is so wrong for him - I was desperate to make my excuses and leave.

Was asked to look at a project with a high profile for a client - did some critical analysis and the responses ‘nah - we just want you to pick a font’ - complete waste of my time. Nobody values actual creative work now.

I’m working at a wedding on Saturday - I think it’s going to be quite posh - I better sort out a clean shirt and remember to iron it this time.

Have a meeting tomorrow with a client at 3pm - I’ll finish work straight afterwards. The extra heat this week really doesn’t suit me. I’m vaguely thinking about cycling to Bexhill now to see the new Peter Blake show at the De La Warr Pavillion. I’ll possibly go home after that. I’ve been at my desk since 7am - I get tetchy in the heat.

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