Monday, 22 August 2016


At home today - doing a bit of cleaning - but actually watching ‘Lifeboat’ by Hitchcock - a favourite film. Had a brief conversation about the documentary I am in with the director earlier - apparently I’m ‘the best thing in it, apart from the lawyer” - It’s going to be in the Toronto Film Festival, apparently. Still absurdly excited about having an IMDB listing.
The weather has really turned - some bits of hot sun, but much cooler, overcast and very windy.
My neighbour now has a dog, and after about 6 years has started saying hello to me. 
Yesterday morning - as I took the dogs out I bumped straight into Hughes dad and his brother in law, they had just taken the little girl out for some fresh air - I’d written to them the day before - and the house is full of people at the moment - but hadn’t expected to see them. He’s such a nice bloke he automatically gave me a hug, like it was me that hard lost something - not him. I have to say I just burst into tears. Made the joke that the bump on the head finally made me into a normal person with feelings.
No resurgence of the fly infestation - I still have no idea what that was about but suspect my cousin was right about the type that lay eggs in timber joists.

Last week I went out to buy a sandwich at lunch time, there is a flight of about 12 steps neat the Creative Media Centre in Claremont - a man in his early 30’s wearing a tracksuit came down the steps, looking at his phone. Behind him were two small children and a woman with a baby in a pram hesitated at the top and braced herself for negotiating the pram down the stairs - so I offered to help. She thanked made - and the man who I saw first said ‘ah, cheers mate’ without looking up from his phone. I helped the woman down the stairs ‘it’s so difficult having 3 children’ she apologised - and as they went away the man thanked me again and walked alongside her. Still without looking up from his phone. I could have punched him.
I’ve managed to get through the entire Olympics without watching a single frame.

I have quite a bit of bar and security work lined up starting on Tuesday - having that little bit of cash coming in really takes the edge off things, I don’t have to go to my account for day to day living expenses.

Happy Birthday Karlheinz Stockhausen. I based the graphics for a piece of work I did for a musician on some of his annotations, I was really pleased with it - client had no idea what I was talking about.

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