Friday, 12 August 2016


Technically I’m on holiday this week but I’ve spent some time in the office every day - I’m here now (I have to go to a meet at 10am) and a piece of new work came in last night.

When I left the studio yesterday, I bumped into someone I know in the same industry as me - who I don’t really rate and generally works with clients in the third sector. They started a conversation and then said ‘oh - I won that bid, by the way’ - this is the proposal I put together a couple of weeks ago for a local authority project. Firstly - I kinda knew that someone already had that job and I was padding, and secondly - as they then started to talk about the people she was now working with in first name terms, I wasn’t exactly surprised. They also told me that the third candidate was someone they knew well and I had know about 15 years ago - who I really don’t rate at all. I was also a little uncomfortable that they knew I was a candidate - I’m not sure how or why. I’m not boasting but I’m much better at my job than they are - I just have very low self esteem - I need to work on that one. I’m not bothered about this episode, I knew I wouldn’t get that job - but it should give me a shove.

I’m meeting some people who are setting up a private press later this morning - looking forward to that. Tomorrow I am cycling to Dungeness and Sunday - if I’m able - to Eastbourne to see the airshow. Monday I’ll be knackered. I may need a day off.

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