Wednesday, 29 June 2016


It’s Wednesday. It’s going to rain later and I might just go home. I’ve been here since 7am.  The Scaffolders are not supposed to start before 8am, but they do - every day.

Today is already rubbish - it’s not even 10am yet and things keep going wrong - I have to go home and come back later because I’m helping with an event in the bar later today - I may as well just go home now. Things can only get worse. Everything is just constant fuck ups, and the client I was due to talk to today has already cancelled.

I think I’d probably be more productive at home, anyway. I need to do some washing.

I’m not 100% sure I’ll be able to cover my mortgage and all my bills at the end of this month unless someone, ANYONE actually pays their invoices - which isn’t looking likely (it’s a short month, as I just realised). I also have a lot of stuff coming up that I need to deal with - including 2 weddings.

Social media is basically a no-go at the moment, as well as the radio and news sites, everything is in chaos. The Leadership races for both main parties are just a joke. Boris is absolutely determined to be Prime Minister, he will do anything it takes, tell any half truth, hitch his waggon to any cause, swarm and smirk his way through anything because he’s absolutely convinced it’s his right and privilege - and entitlement. Taking into consideration his age - it’s inevitable that will succeed one day. God help us all and save us from his ego.

Corbin is just fucking everything up. He wants Labour to be a fringe pressure group with him at the helm - not a parliamentary party or potential government - like CND or something. I’m so sick of the whole thing. People supporting him cannot understand that he’s part of the political elite the profess to despise - he’s never been anything else, is embedded in the political system and just another middle class theorist who has absolute believe in his own investment. I don’t have much faith in any of them - it’s absurd to say that there is no other talent in the party - a week after the murder of Jo Cox, there are plenty of people under the radar - both parties should have a cull and bring in new talent. I’d be happy if Angela Eagle was to take the role with a 2 year remit to shake it up and bring new people in.

The Corbyn mafia are messing everything up for everyone with their rabid, single minded, blinkered obsessions. This whole ‘burn the Blaire which’ hysteria is now pushing me to consider leaving - because frankly I have enough to worry about already. It’s the politics of failure and self loathing. People I know well and like very much are turning into monsters.

Did I mention the new guy moving into the studio has a BAFTA? As if I didn’t feel insecure enough. I’m going to attempt to start the ball rolling with a local professional creatives association. Putting myself out there is probably a really terrible mistake - but I have nothing to lose.

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