Monday, 2 May 2016

Bank Holiday Monday

Yesterday was lovely - so rather than spending it in town with thousands of drunks and Hells Angels, I took the dogs out into the country park for a few hours. The weather was fantastic - bright and sunny with clear skies, and everything is coming back to life again. There were more people about than I expected - including a troupe of yummy mummy joggers and a slew of Sunday Dog walkers with over excited pooches that clearly never go out on a regular basis so are uncontrollable - and the owners talk to them in baby language ‘Timmy, no, there’s a good boy, come on Timmy, here we go, leave that poor little doggy alone’. They drive me mad.

In the afternoon I went to see a close friend and his girlfriend. I think they should get married, I suspect  that they want to but both have children from previous relationship who may have other ideas. I need to keep out of that one.

I had planned to service my bike today - but somehow I have left int in the studio - and as that part of town is being taken over by 30,000 motorcyclists I may give it a miss.

It’s the big green man festival and parade today - it’s also very foggy and damp - I’m probably going to give it a miss, although it does seem quite atmospheric.

I washed a load of knitwear yesterday - that’s the sort of thing I do on a long weekend - one sweater in particular will clearly never dry.

Yesterday I had two pints of lager - and as a result I now have a staggering headache and hangover. That’s my life now.

A friend has a rescue dog who is lovely - a small collie cross - she’s very quiet and timid, but has this strange obsession with her reflection - if she sees a mirror - she will stare, transfixed for hours - even the slight reflection she sees on a smooth surface puts her into a trance. It’s very strange - but she is lovely.

I should stay at home really and look at my finances, but frankly - I’m too scared. I’m going to make a bean casserole instead and put it off until later. There are about 20 films I want to watch - I nearly rented ‘Son of Saul’ online yesterday - but I’ve read too many reviews and will probably wait until I’m in the right frame of mind.

In less than 3 months - I will be 50, I’m not looking forward to it at all - I don’t care about being older, or the number - but this year is already looking unnecessarily difficult and I’m not sure I can be bothered anymore, too much of an uphill struggle. I might start buying lottery tickets.

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