Thursday, 14 April 2016

Thursday - another day of sunshine

Managed to get quite a lot of work done - have started going in at 8am - I love this time of year - sunlight all the time, I lost the whole summer last year and I'm determined to get it back. Broke the back of some difficult work today. Pleased with myself - and getting ready to complete it tomorrow.

Went for a drink with a friend on Monday (Tuesday?) - first time I've done that in ages - enjoyed myself. There was a staggeringly surreal moment when someone got the text that David Guest had died and it went round the pub like a Mexican wave - followed by spontaneous laughter - more a nervous release and loss of cool over the constant death toll this year. A couple of pictures were taken of me - I cannot believe how thin I look, hated them. One of my face I wasn't too bothered about that shows the fantastic repair work to my mouth - almost as good as new.

Eating lunch on the beach is so welcome - I can feel the vitamin D bouncing around my bloodstream.

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