Sunday, 10 April 2016


Sorry, it's been a week, again - been rather chaotic.

Sunday morning, bright and sunny - yesterday was grey and wet and everything I had planned was put aside - I ended up watching a film in Russian which was actually quite good - a recent big budget number about a disaster on the metro which was so generic that I didn't need to know what they were saying. It was well made and reasonably good value for money.

Last night I went to a talk by two leading illustrators - Owen Gildersleeve and Tom Hovey - they are both prominent in my industry and were both very good - there are quite a few illustrators in hastings and we get this sort of thing occasionally. To my irritation, there were only 25 people in the audience - testament as to how shit the communication is in this town.

Shortly the same venue has a 3 night residency with Jordan - not THAT Jordan, this Jordan.

She will be introducing the film Jubilee, talking about her life and talking about Derek Jarman, As far as I am aware it's the first time she has done anything like this - after having retired from the punk scene early to be a dog breeder. It's very expensive because it's a tiny venue - but I would really like to know. Again - I found out by accident because the communication here is so bad.

The Cameron tax thing is a depressing white noise in the background. It's so predictable and depressing. He's such a knob.

Work this week was very busy - but I earned almost nothing. It gets like that sometimes. I still have not heard if I got that commission in London but will assume I have not - they could have had the professional courtesy to let me know, considering the time, trouble and expense I went to.

I buckled under the weight of my own decency, rather than emailing a client who asked for me to send them live files from six years ago (so someone could work on them) and telling them to get lost, I sent them with a covering note after their company secretary called and asked me nicely. I'm pretty sick of people taking the piss like this. I had to talk to someone this week who is successful simply by being a self-ingratiating little shit with no talent whatsoever. Grinding my teeth doesn't even come close.

We are having a high speed broadband connection fitted in the studio next week, and after that it's going to be reworked with news bays added and better spaces - looking forward to it.

Quite a lot has happened this week - but my short term memory is getting worse, outside work - nothing 'sticks'.

Here's Beachy Head from the top of my road - 1 hour and 15 mins of cycling time exactly.


Anna said...

Yes, here in Hastings I often only find out about things after they've gone...I wish we had something like Time Out here...

Richard de pesando MA(RCA) said...

It's a bloody joke - I may have a rant about it.

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