Sunday, 28 February 2016


I worked at home all week - I kinda felt I needed to be away from people and get my head around things. I did go for a drink with someone I've worked with at one point - and for a free restaurant meal on Thursday - it was a taster menu - with each dish paired with a particular wine. It was very good, although I forgot that people usually use chicken stock with risotto.

On Saturday I went shopping with some friends - I had to leave the Chinese supermarket because the crabs in the fridge were all still alive - one was foaming at the mouth in a sad little crustacean death agony.

Spent some time in the garden - now that I'm probably not going to have to sell my house I planted some bulbs and I'm gearing up to fixing the fences. I've been watching youtube videos of how to put in a concrete post. Most illuminating.

In other news. One of my oldest friends is moving from hospital to a hospice this week - I'm hoping to be able to see her this week, it will possibly be my last chance. She's only a few weeks older than me. Life is very unfair.

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