Monday, 15 February 2016


Apparently the coldest day of the year. I can believe it.

Worked all day - mostly on a job that's paying half what it's supposed to. This evening a friend came round and I gave him two leather coats. He was delighted - gave me a bottle of dry sherry in return. This is probably how all international trade should be conducted. One of the coats was a 3/4 length black leather number that cost a great deal of money from Woodhouse. I bought it about 17 years ago when I had more disposable income. I have not worn it in about 12 years, partly because the last time I wore it I was almost beaten to death by squaddies in Brighton - If you are a long time reader you might recall the story. Two of them went to prison, one was later murdered. I don't mix with drugged up squaddies normally - I was just walking down the road at the wrong time. It was a much better deal that just a bottle of sherry - last week he gave me a brand new Pierre Cardin overcoat he had come across in his capacity as a volunteer at a charity shop. I'm not complaining.

Tomorrow I'm directly tackling two non-payers. Neither will actually pay me, but I need to confront them. I hate stuff like that. They are presenting themselves as businessmen but frankly - they are just scammers. I had a call today from a client, longstanding, asking if I was free next week for a project. For the whole week. They do this a lot, the last 3 times they have booked me and nothing has happened - I've later found out the work was done inhouse. I get that a lot too. Rather than 'yes' I said 'potentially' - I'm quite sure I won't hear from them again.

I came to the decision today that if I end up having to sell this house - I'll move away. It's the only way I could deal with it.

The entire population is probably watching a film about O.J.Simpson on TV right now. I'm watching something about the Renaissance. Senile greyhound has developed a habit of getting off his sofa - and then crying until I hold a blanket up for him to get under - he won't get back on again until we repeat this performance.

I was asked for money twice today, and I have none. I saw someone literally begging in the street and there is now a woman permanently in Robertson Street in a sleeping bag.

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