Monday, 30 November 2015

Walls come tumbling down

We've had gales - probably just like everyone else. All my fences have blown down - I was out there at 7am in the half light clearing them up. The tiny bit of cash I've saved for xmas is going on having someone come round and replace them. The old woman next door gave me quite a hard time - as if I made it happen.

have had a couple of massive headaches this week - mostly work stress - and ob Friday I had the worst - most disturbing nightmare of my life. One of those where you wake up and can't quite believe if it was a dream or it really happened.

Worked in the studio all weekend - trying to get everything done - I'm supposed to be working in-house for 2 months but they haven't confirmed - or even had the courtesy to tell me it's not happening. Used to that one.

I have some work in an exhibition next week, and generally - work is going really well - just very time consuming and I'm constantly having to work around other people.

At least it's not cold.

I'll write more when I can remember what happened.

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