Wednesday, 23 September 2015


The sun is shining, but it's clearly Autumn already and much cooler.

Last night I met someone I'd been aware of since I was in my teens, I once bought their records and have seen them in concert. Generally when people have some cultural purchase they live up to their expectation in a small way, at least. But not this time.b I should have known better.

I'm incredibly tired today, after a wasted weekend and difficulty sleeping, I'm really struggling to get my head straight at work. I might finish early and go home. I'll try and re-work my week around a half day.

I have a lot of really awkward stuff to do this week that I've probably been putting off - I expect it's psychosomatic.

At least it's not raining. Damp is just one more thing to deal with at this time of the year. The kitchen patio has already turned green with algae and mold. Once it's dried out a bit I can clear the garden for winter and possibly do a bit more moving around. There are a few jobs in the house that need dealing with before long, things I had hoped to sort earlier in the year.The roof is still leaking, the bay window is still leaning and the inside of the house is a mess. I sometimes think about giving up on it - there are sharks that buy houses in any condition, and just walking away.

Loads of building work noise outside again. An early finish is increasingly likely.


Steerforth said...

I'm trying to work out who this person was. So far, my list includes Mike Batt, Chris de Burgh, Barbara Dickson, Shakin' Stevens, Adam Ant and FR David. I'm probably slightly off the mark.

I generally avoid meeting my heroes because I can't bear the risk of disappointment. I made an exception for Jon Pertwee and fortunately, he was the perfect gentleman.

Richard de pesando MA(RCA) said...

ah, I've never met Shakin Stevens but Barbra Dickson spent a week in the flat above my studio last year. I was referring to James Maker who was a close friend and contemporary of Morrissey, and in a band called Raymonde that I followed as a teenager - he was actually more threatening. louche and rock and roll than The Smiths for a period. He wasn't anyone I'd want to know now. I'm always worried about naming people on here - it's the search engine thing - I've been caught out a few times. I should be bolder. for example - the booker nominated authour who has moved in up the road is Nicola Barker - I don't think I was very charitable about her and she scares me a bit, but her husband is nice enough - I just wish they would do something about their uncontrollable dogs.

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