Thursday, 6 August 2015


Not a bad day - in the studio from 9-3.30 - longest day so far. Enjoyed it. Getting back to work is hard, felt like walking through treacle. Highlight of the day was a phone call from a client who used to be in a boy band and has one of those memorable' names that's just one word.

I must be back to normal - I managed to lose my temper - the kind of silent, internalised rage you get when someone really takes the piss and goes about it in the most offensive way possible.

Just realised that it's Eastbourne Airshow over the weekend - as I'm not cycling I'll have to consider the train if I want to go. I usually enjoy it - unless it's too hot - but having the bike to escape is a real joy - the trains will be a nightmare. There will be a flypast by the last Avro Vulcan at 2.32pm, I've seen it before but I'm sure that will be the very last chance. I'm tempted to take my camera.

Sad to hear about George Cole. Before he was a comedy and light entertainment stalwart - he was an exception character actor with great range and skill. I'm sure he was a very happy and popular actor - but he could have been so much more.


Sandra Morris said...

Eastbourne Airbourne is 13-16 this year....

Richard de pesando MA(RCA) said...

Oh - yeah - Sandra, I'm so out of it at the moment I don't even know what the date is.... doh!!!

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