Thursday, 4 June 2015

Thursday evening

It's a lovely day - for a change. I spent all day in the studio, I managed to do a piece of work that would usually have taken 3 days ( at least - that's what the fee should have been ) in just one day, for a client that probably doesn't have a budget even for that. I also did a really good job. I shall be doing the same thing tomorrow - only with something much more difficult.

It's one of those weird quirks that I seem to look and feel really healthy at the moment, in fact, I look great - I have no idea why, I feel terrible and am really stressed out - but I'm doing a good job of hiding it.

My bank paid my mortgage - but the money I had managed to get into the bank to cover it bounced, nothing to do with me - and had to be re-paid by the client a day later. The down side of this, all my standing orders were returned. I'll be spending some time over the weekend looking through everything - but you can expect this blog to change into a long, rather depressing dialogue of what happens when you reach the end of the line and everything goes horribly wrong.

There is 'something' to celebrate.

Tomorrow night I shall be going to an audience with David Sedaris. I had the foresight to book the ticket 6 months ago. I am on the front row. There will be a signing session before and after - and a Q&A. I'm not an obsessive superfan so I won't ask questions and I can't afford to buy a book. I'm really looking forward to it. A complete departure from my life at the moment, and hopefully something to cheer me up. It finishes at 9pm, I wonder if I might cycle home... (it's the De La Warr in Bexhill)

I'm sending a tranche of invoices out tomorrow - they don't amount to much and there are very few decent paid projects on the go. Over the weekend I'll be looking at what's left to sell and some other vague options. Prostitution is out of the question, I lack motivation.

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