Sunday, 7 June 2015


Among other things I cleaned the house yesterday. Top to bottom, including the loft. There is so little up there now that it was fairly straight forward. I put more junk on ebay and sold a couple of things - locally, for a change. I have a few more things to put on today and I'll be mostly done. Doing some checking, it seems that an old door handle I have in a box of others is worth far more than almost any of the decent SLR cameras I've sold. I still have a very good Olympus OM10 with a viewfinder adapter and set of great lenses that I'd rather keep - I'm saving that for emergencies.

The good weather means I've been able to do a lot of washing and drying. I got rid of the tumble dryer earlier in the year, so stuff drying quickly is a blessing - this includes the dog duvets.

I watched 'Bobby' last night - the dramatisation (semi fictional) of the assassination of Bobby Kennedy - I'd forgotten what a good film it was - Sharon Stone is an exceptional actress, given the chance - even Lindsey Lohan shone in this. It's quite an emotional film - I was in pieces by the end.

Astonished by the stupidity and lack of self knowledge by the UK media - ending every report about doping in sport that includes repeated references to Mo Farah with the aside that there is no suggestion that he has ever taken banned substances (because really - there isn't) - doesn't cut it - and then reacting with shock and disappointment when he has to pull out of a race is just pathetic. Bunch of assholes.

I was reading about David Sedaris yesterday - apparently some bookshops class him as 'fiction' - some as 'faction' and some as autobiography, people get quite het up about it. The New York Times goes to great lengths to fact check everything before publications and he is regularly accused of embroidering the truth in his stories. Seriously - isn't that the point?? They are just yarns, you can clearly see the bridges between truth and exaggeration - real life doesn't come in neat story arcs with killer punchlines at just the right time. Watching him on stage he was actually quite easy to read - his voice and expression changes slightly as he lifts the narrative from it's mundane foundations to the hysterical heights of black comedy. Christ - real life is grim, I need a bit make believe.

I have to look at some uncomfortable paperwork later - or I could avoid facing the reality of life by painting the front door. The house is spectacularly clean and tidy, always a bad sign. I can always find things to do when I have something more important to grapple.

The Archers omnibus sucks the life out of Sunday.

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