Tuesday, 19 May 2015


I just found out today that The Guardian will be using one of my photographs next week. This cheered me up. I've been getting constant Linkedin updates from people doing really, really well - apparently. That's nice for them.

I went to a recording of 'I'm Sorry I Haven't a Clue' last night. Relly enjoyed it - the theatre was sold out but by good fortune - the seats directly in front of us were no-shows. Very slick, professional and funny - will need almost no editing and I laughed a lot. I needed it. Barry Cryer may be 80 but looks better than me - and he's sharper. Jack Dee was very good indeed - Graham Garden and Tim Brook Taylor are probably sick of the sight of each other by now but it didn't show - and the guest was Miles Jupp, who was much funnier than I expected. They recorded two episodes - the first will be broadcast in mid July. Looking forward to that.

For various reasons I'm working at home today, and I think it's going to rain - so good choice. Listened to Yvette Cooper on the radio earlier trying to make her case for leader of the Labour Party - she did a terrible job, spoke too fast, didn't answer the questions, came across as slippery and political - quite evasive. I was very disappointed. Jane Garvey, who was interviewing her - was very hostile.

I have psoriasis again - it's really uncomfortable and I could do without it - my face is red and starting to flake around the eyes. Another reason to stay at home. The skin under my eyebrows is really sore. I should just enter a monastery and be done with it.

I had a panic attack about work and money yesterday afternoon - I'm trying to be practical - it isn't working. I've also put on weight. I have no idea why.


Anonymous said...

I heard the Yvette Cooper interview & thought Jane Garvey very measured when dealing with a loathsome eel. For fuck's sake we had 6 fucking week of that nonsense & Yvette Cooper thinks we need the dead hand of more evasion, sanctimony, cliché & self-regard.

Richard de pesando MA(RCA) said...

Harsh... but fair.

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