Sunday, 31 May 2015


Yesterday the weather was fantastic - today it's rubbish, so dark I need to have the lights on.

Almost finished clearing out the dark recesses of the loft yesterday. I actually found the plug from the belfast sink - (it's a foreign one and quite old - so it was a particularly strange shaped drain - and that plug was the only one that fit). I was ecstatic. No idea what it was doing up there. Also found a pump for an airbed - which I don't have, and a number of other things that I'm getting rid of over the next few days.

I came really close to losing my temper on Friday. I have a client I've worked with for years who I like very much, but is so used to working with me that they have got into the habit of just trusting me to get on with things with the scantest information - often not enough. This is happened again where I'm expected to produce print ready artwork for something that's just impossible, I don't actually have anything to work with - and they just don't get it - despite telling them repeatedly - I keep getting emails from minions asking for the finished artwork. I had to stop in the end and walk away.

I'm in Brighton tomorrow - I have to go to a meal in the evening. I'm not paying. I also have two meetings earlier in the day - one will be quite long. I'm not getting paid for either of them.

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