Friday, 22 May 2015


I'm working at home, primarily because they are scaffolding my building and I cannot bear listening to the inane bullshit that the scaffolders come out with anymore. We already had to suffer a long and detailed explanation of what a fallopian tube is, which led onto other, more manly subjects that I don't want to go into, but apparently 'John is a squirter'. Still no news as to the position of the external electric winch - almost certainly directly outside my window.

Watched Question Time last night. came from Derby. Stella Creasy was very good - I hope she gets to be deputy leader, it suits her. Nikki Morgan for the Government was just pathetic, complete robot. The audience were so hostile towards the government I had to keep checking myself... who actually won the election? All very heartening. I think Owen Jones needs to evolve a bit - he's starting to sound stuck in the past and looks younger and younger and less important - difficult, being trapped in your own image.

Some good luck. One of the traders in Courthouse Market pulled a large pine kitchen top out of a skip and let me have it for free. It's probably the best thing EVER to have come out of a skip - with a slight trim on one end - a clean and an oil - it's going to be te perfect fit for my kitchen - it has an aperture for my ceramic sink that's almost perfect.

Loads of work on - almost none of it has any really financial aspect. Depressing. I had a couple of very dark days this week when I started thinking about exit strategies and just walking away. Woman on the radio of my age was telling the interviewer what it's like to be in your 50's and renting. Really depressed me.

Had a call from the Halifax to apologise for selling me PPI on amy credit card in 2001. Went through some details (thank goodness my memory is good) and told me to expect a settlement offer in 8 weeks. No indication of what it could be.

Had a conversation with someone at work who told me that there were potentially low-interest loans available to have the essential work done on my house because of it's condition, and my terrible financial position... will have to look at that.

I've noticed more homeless people in Hastings - partly because the weather is better - it's easier to sleep on the beach when it's warmer. I've also noticed a couple of really young ones. That's depressing - there is a soup kitchen in Wellington Square and a mobile food waggon every night outside Debenhams to feed them.

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