Thursday, 28 May 2015

Bank Holiday Monday

Avery random weekend so far.

I'm waiting for someone who is driving down from Hull to collect the dentist's cabinet that I sold in Ebay. He must have really wanted it.

Had a work meeting yesterday - we had lunch in a well known local restaurant. It was terrible - really piss poor food that I wouldn't have made myself at home on my own. Sadly, it's a job with no money (again) so that meal was basically my fee. I won't be back. The bloke who was serving, taking orders, making drinks and coffees and managing the inside and outside was doing his best - but the food was just embarrassing. Oddly enough - they are now advertising for a chef.

Listened to Glenda Jackson on the radio earlier - I'd forgotten how much I liked her.

A good friend's mother died on Friday - I spoke to her yesterday, she was at pains to point out just how wonderful the hospital had been, and how they had allowed her to stay with the body for several hours. Wash, dress and prepare her for the undertakers. She couldn't express just how wonderful the NHS nurses had been and their boundless kindness. Oddly enough - a few days previously there had been an article on the Today program about a woman who's husband had died recently in Hospital. She had no criticism of the care he had received - her problem was that she had left the hospital to go home to sleep - her husband had taken a turn for the worse and the hospital had tried repeatedly to call her - with no response. The man died shortly later - it turns out that the nurse had been calling the woman's work number rather than home number. The woman complaining admitted that the nurse had been devastated by her mistake and apologised profusely - but this wasn't enough and the widow wanted a major investigation that had already involved the chief executive and health minister. I have every sympathy with this woman, she was clearly grieving - but focussing all her pain on one tiny mistake by a harassed and overworked nurse that didn't warrant this drama. A nurse is not an administrator - the costs to the NHS of this investigation must already have reached the thousands. When my father died, the same thing happened - my mother had been at the hospital and he declined quickly as soon as she left. The nurses tried to call but it was too late. Apparently it's very common, as a patient may force themselves to stay awake during a visit and decline as soon as they are alone - the nurses apparently console families with 'they obviously wanted to go with you" etc.

I've picked up some more work - none of it has any real value whatsoever - really busy, really broke as usual.

I've cleaned the downstairs of the house. Have to try and find an extra long extension cord to connect the washing machine to the mains later.

Some friends from London were in hastings yesterday and we caught up briefly, it's nice top be social sometimes.

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