Thursday, 23 April 2015


I'm re-watching Gravity. This would be a much better film with a cast of unknowns, or in another language.

Just spent 2 hours buying glasses online - nightmarish experience, had to enter my prescription about 20 times. The things I do for a bargain.

Came home early and after examining the old ceiling joists I saved from the hall landing - I have decided that under certain circumstances they will pass as railway sleepers so tomorrow I'm going to start finishing off the steps up to the garden, or at least make some cosmetic improvements.

I have friends from London in town over the weekend so I'll be busy. I'm taking advantage of a quiet patch to catch up on jobs.

Yesterday I received a cheque in the post for nearly 700 quid. This comprises the PPI I paid for 1 year's mortgage,18 years ago (£400 of that was interest. It's the first result on my PPI challenge. Looking forward to seeing what happens with the other two mortgages and credit card. To be fair - The Brittania (Now part of the COOP) wrote me an excellent letter of apology and didn't quibble. The others may take some months. It was very, very welcome.

The good weather is still here, and a few people I know have caught colds as a result - I may be one of them. Sat on the beach yesterday eating chips. Felt great to be outdoors and warm.

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