Thursday, 26 March 2015


Yesterday I felt rubbish, I had intended working at home - but by lunchtime I was so stir crazy that I decided to get better, by sheer force of will. Oddly, I feel much better outside in the cold air than inside in the warm. It worked, by mid afternoon I was already on the mend. This really improved my mental state and decision-making process, I even did a decent piece of work. Additionally - I resolved 2 weeks of stress by dealing with a difficult political problem at work by walking away, dignity intact - which has cost me a lot of money but I felt an overwhelming sense of euphoria and relief afterwards.

I have 4 high value items ending on ebay today - in about an hour. I am at home because after 7 days of quiet I'm being bombarded by stupid questions from people who clearly can't read.

Typical ebay conversation.

Them - this says it's an empty box - what's inside, is it valuable?

Me - it's empty - it says empty, and there is a photograph of the empty inside

Them - ok, cool. What's inside?

- I've also been asked if I can drop off three vintage fruit machines to an address in Germany.

Not feeling ill has really cheered me up - but if I don't get at least one of two invoices paid by Tuesday - I'm going to be in trouble - so I have that hanging around at the back of my mind. Have some other potential work coming up too - but in my business, 'potential' is a very big word.

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