Thursday, 12 March 2015


I'm spending tomorrow in Croydon. I can't tell you why, it might all go horribly wrong - but it's something a bit special that I've been looking forward to for months - If it works out - I'll let you know next week. If it doesn't - I may not be back.

It's no big deal for anyone except me - so don't get too excited.

In other news.

I've had a really shit day - just when I thought things were getting better, people always let you down. There are no depths that friends and colleagues descend to. Seriously.


Anne Roy said...

What do you mean you may not be back? Does Croydon swallow people whole?

We shall be watching this space ...

Lucille said...

I have come over from The Age of Uncertainty and I am enjoying your sparking prose. I worked in Croydon for a while. Hope it went well and didn't involve Allders.

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