Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Random on Sea

That's what people down from London call hastings, because that's how they find it - totally random.

This morning, early - I was intending to do someone a big favour. I have been trying to stop myself from doing things for people - it always ends up in tears (mine) and I end up getting angry and generally a bit ripped of. I have 'use me' written on my forehead. In the end - I was 'let off' - but it was for someone I like so it's fine, I'd have done it anyway. I was just a simple case of me loaning something out - I'm sure I would have got it back - but 99% of the time, I don't.

Anyway - it was a nice morning, so I walked down the hill to the Old Town and along the seafront - it was lovely.

I worked hard, made progress on something quite difficult - was going to call the client but he unexpectedly updated his facebook status as 'Boston, Mass' (his girlfriend is American, he wasn't running away).

In the afternoon, I had a fairly cordial but totally pointless meeting with an accountant. He was useful in explaining the pros and cons of 'Sole Trader' V 'Limited company'. It's of no real use to me right now - probably later in the year. Interestingly - he explained in an abstract way that if I earned between 35 and 40K and went limited - I should be able to arrange it that I pay almost no tax whatsoever. In fact - anyone mortgage free earning over 35K should never have to pay tax at all if they don't want to. Sadly - I'm too honest and moral for any of that - but I'm in a tiny minority.

On the downside - someone from the past popped up. I used to be really friendly with a guy who was at school with my sister and I occasionally worked with - he lives down here now - is in a complimentary profession and generally OK, but frankly drinks too much. I went through a period of meeting him every other weekend for a drink - he has child access the other weekend - and listening to him moan about his life, downloading all his grief and anger onto me - for hours. I got to the point it was too much and one weekend he rang from London very drunk and told me he was coming down and would meet me in the pub. I decided against it and said I was busy. later that night he filled my answerphone with about 20 mins of drunken abuse - mostly very homophobic. Anyway - he just appeared again - via Linkedin, made some clumsy, sarcastic comments and then got very agitated when I reminded him why I didn't want to speak to him to him. Leading to more abuse. Didn't need that.

So - anyway, this week is just a bit shit, getting worse etc - probably not going to get much better and I'm running out of ideas really - I wouldn't mind, I actually have a lot on and generally the future looks OK. If I wasn't behind on my tax bill and getting hassle over it - I'd probably be quite chipper. Generally I find that when you're down on your luck - people give you a wide berth - but today, unexpectedly - someone I've known since I was about 18 and keep in touch with via facebook did something spectacularly kind for me and sent me something of value - personal and fiscal, just because they could. I'm not used to that sort of thing. I was a bit overwhelmed. I'll have to price up a couple of decent picture frames.


Steerforth said...

Did you have any luck with the Working Tax Credit? It makes a big difference to my finances. I'd go under without it.

Anonymous said...

I'm not going down that route for a number of reasons - I'd have to become a limited company before the end of the month and it's not what I want to do at the moment - I'm going to wait until next year and start off 2015/16 - I understand how to make it 'work' for me now - I just need to get over the hurdle of the next few months. I've already completed my 2014/15 tax returns and I'm not invoicing anything else for this year - I want to start fresh after this month and try and look forward - which gives me a very small window of time to pull something spectacular out of the bag. Obviously there is more to it than that - but it's not going to help my psychologically to get a mindset where I'm either on a plateau forever or tumbling down even further. I think there are lots of ways to go forward, ultimately - it's all up to me, nobody is going to help me. I do haver some fairly valuable books to sell among other things - that's going to hurt.

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