Friday, 6 March 2015


Nice evening, took the dogs for a walk after work (I got a lift home) and managed to cobble together what should should be a decent pasta sauce from bits of leftovers and stuff I found at the back of the cupboard. Alfie greyhound has a churning stomach so loud I can hear it in te next room, someone must have come to the door - the house is in disarray - including, for some reason, all my accounts which were on a table.

Did quite a lot today - but it was the kind of work that looks like it took 10 mins but in reality took all day, that's going to be awkward when it comes to invoicing. I did broach the subject with them.

I'm going to spend part of tomorrow going through the house looking at stuff I can sell on ebay - and part of the day photographing stuff I can show to a local dealer who will probably rob me blind (that's what rends are for). I'm also completing and filing my 2014/15 accounts and preparing for a conversation with te revenue on Monday afternoon.

I'm doing a very good job of keeping a level head and being calm and cheery - buy underneath - I'm actually very angry - and a bit afraid that it might come out. Someone has really, really taken the piss out of me, again - not that I didn't see that coming. It's that old adage, if you are nice to people and let them walk all over you - they will, if you stand up for yourself, then you are being unreasonable and mean and they get upset and bitch about you to your friends. The most stupid thing I did today was 'loan' *cough* someone my lunch money so that they could pay for parking. I honestly don't know why I did that.

I ought to have a quiet night, calm down a bit and try and relax - the next couple of days are going to be a bit awkward - the last thing I need right now is to do any more research on the Inland Revenue and what powers they have. I may re-name this blog 'Decline and Fall'

I'm waiting for the Archers to come on, this week has been great fun, death (hopefully) and destruction. Unfortunately - I have to listen to a really smug Radio 4 comedy first. Am gritting my teeth.

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