Tuesday, 10 February 2015


Getting into work was a superhuman effort to overcome my lack of motivation. I really don't know why I bothered - having to physically force myself to do things.

Last night I caught up with one of my hobbies, watching Christian right-wing middle American 'end of days' movies on the internet - this one was better than most, very high production values - almost a decent script and a real cast. I was so impressed by the cast I began to wonder if they actually bought into this shit or were just approaching it as if it were any old Sci-Fi movie. There are very substantial numbers of Americans who honestly believe that the revelation will come in their own lifetime, it's called apocalyptism, I've read in the past that up to half of all white US Christians believe in the End of Days (although even I scoff at that). Last night's movie included all the 'good people' falling down dead at the same time - mostly during a dull, middle class, wealthy American couple's wedding - this included all the children, everywhere in the world, and any unborn child - obviously they are 'good people' - swiftly skirting over any reference to original sin etc. The people left behind seemed to me to be mostly quite nice, decent folks who had to come to terms with the fact that they were going to hell because they had committed some small slight against a big, beareded man in the sky - in the case of the young couple - not getting married in church, but in a hotel garden with a marquee. Bit unfair. Interestingly - there was only one person of colour in the main cast - and she was probably picked for her looks. She was also the only single person, ThHere was also one supporting black player - a nurse, who seemed like a really nice person, but sadly was doomed to go to hell etc.

I'm not really in the business of dissing anyone's religion or belef system - but this whole nonsense is simple a construct of a white, right wing middle American nonsense lifestle dream - pray to Jesus and you'll get a bigger car and walk in Wardrobe - have pure thoughts and go to church, and you'll be the cutest girl at the prom. I was a little uncomfortable at how masochistic they were towards all the female cast - mostly being bashed to pieces and torn appart be demons, in posh frocks - all of them still wearing their wedding outfit. I'm presuming all that blood on the bride's dress was symbolic of something. I don't really understand why these films are made, it's quie clear that everyone normal ends up in hell - perhaps it's about self loathing. But they are highly entertaining. Imagine Cloverfield with a giant cliche Jesus rampaging through New York, swatting helicopters out of the sky. Anyway - it's called The Remaining if you get the chance. It's a blast. I did a bit of research online and the cast have been in everything from True Blood to The Vampire Diaries and 'Zombie Apocalypse' - so it's safe to assume they were just in it for the pay cheque.

I read this morning that Katy Perry was given the strength to sing at the Superbowl because God spoke to her at half time. Hearing voices, that's called schizophrenia.

It's actually not cold today - just overcast and grim, I could have stayed at home...

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