Thursday, 5 February 2015


The forecast quite clearly stated that it would rain today, all day - so I stayed home in attempt to work here. It hasn't, and doesn't look like it will.

It's cold, I'm in a foul mood and my fingers don't work. I realised last night that there is a crack in the front room ceiling, it's getting worse - you can see where the plaster is going to fall. I really can't think about that now.

Last night I watched the documentary about the life and death of Aaron Schwartz "The Internet's Own Boy' - it was exasperating, illuminating and deeply upsetting at the same time. Schwartz managed to change the world in a few short years, change society and the way we all communicate - and he would have continued his work, not for money - nor acclaim, but because he could make things better - but that's not on the agenda for some people.

Last night I went through my twitter account and cleared out anything that wasn't strictly work, industry or news orientated. It's a very dull place now, but less distracting.

I'm about to fill in a load of complex paperwork, I've been looking at it all morning, and it's been looking back at me.

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